Binding (Catalogs, Manuals, Directories, Newsletters, etc.)

Cutting, folding, perforations, die cutting and packaging your project are the final steps to produce a visually appealing piece. These processes must be done correctly in order to get the maximum impact for your target audience.

Folding - Folding options include standard letter fold, barrel fold, gate fold, double parallel fold, tri- and z-folds, and custom folds made to your specifications. For more unique folding jobs, we also offer several hand-folding options.

Numbering - Many tickets, carbonless forms and invoices require sequential numbering. Numbering is an inexpensive and effective way to maintain accurate records and improve organization. We can number a variety of papers and sheet sizes. Choose from black or red ink, as well as descending or ascending numbers.

Perforation/Scoring - Perforation can be used to produce removable reply cards, coupons, and reminder pieces. Machine scoring is done to improve the fold and prevent cracking on the finished projects.

Saddle Binding/Corner Stitching - By having this service in house, we can speed up turn around times on most jobs and retain more control of the quality of the finished product. We can stitch and trim books from 4.75” x 6.75” to 13.75” x 19.5”. We can corner stitch collated pages from 4.75” x 5.5” to 14.25” x 13.75”.

Pickup and Delivery - Whether you need to ship across the country or across town we can handle the details for you. We use UPS for most long distance deliveries, but we can also make arrangement with your favorite carrier. We also provide local delivery for our clients.

Binding Vertical


Schneider Printing has an assorted variety (size, color, shape, etc.) of customizable labels to fit your every need.